Here is my latest page, just finished a few days ago. It’s really a celebration of my relationship with my husband . There are some romantic pictures from old 1950’s magazines in the background, which are peeping through in places. I wanted to use the picture I had of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (a painting much loved by romantics like myself!) and I ended up printing out some extra strips from the painting to make a border. I love sunflowers, they remind me of optimism and joy, and also of our fabulous trip last year through France, where we saw many beautiful fields of them. The photo of us was taken at our Christmas party last December. My skin is not actually that brown colour, something odd happened when I photographed this page. Because my journal is A4 size I can only scan one side of each double page at a time so I’ve been photographing the pages instead of scanning them for this blog. I think its mostly working out Ok, what do you think?

This page looks really happy, positive and sunny to me, and I guess that’s because I am in a happy phase of my life, and my beloved has a lot to do with that!