Here is my latest page, just finished a few days ago. It’s really a celebration of my relationship with my husband . There are some romantic pictures from old 1950’s magazines in the background, which are peeping through in places. I wanted to use the picture I had of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (a painting much loved by romantics like myself!) and I ended up printing out some extra strips from the painting to make a border. I love sunflowers, they remind me of optimism and joy, and also of our fabulous trip last year through France, where we saw many beautiful fields of them. The photo of us was taken at our Christmas party last December. My skin is not actually that brown colour, something odd happened when I photographed this page. Because my journal is A4 size I can only scan one side of each double page at a time so I’ve been photographing the pages instead of scanning them for this blog. I think its mostly working out Ok, what do you think?

This page looks really happy, positive and sunny to me, and I guess that’s because I am in a happy phase of my life, and my beloved has a lot to do with that!

What gives me wings

Like many beginning art journalers I have come across the work of Teesha Moore, greatly admired it and thought that one day I would try to do something a little bit similar. I have watched her videos on youtube which are really excellent for new art journalers, well for anyone really. If you haven’t seen them HERE is a link to one.

So in what way is this similar to her work in those videos? Well there is a plain brightly coloured background, a border made of colourful strips, some kind of central collaged image made up of different images and some curly lettering. Oh and I used a pan pastel to do some shading around the edges. My initial intention was to make a central image which was more like hers, a bit zany, with weird parts of people and animals, maybe huge eyes and stripey legs etc, but I somehow couldn’t do it. I was really stalled on this page once I had made the borders. Eventually I realised that I didn’t want to copy Teesha THAT closely, I need it to be meaningful to me. Then I came across this large butterfly pic which I loved, and this pic of me being ecstatic in the temple at the Mana retreat centre in New Zealand just seemed to go so easily with the wings. Writing down some of the things that “give me wings” was really fun too.

A Travel Page

The prompt was simply to write about a place we had been, and as we had returned relatively recently from our big European trip I wrote about one of the most special moments of our holiday, ie our visit to Beynac castle on the Dordogne river in France.

The borders are just ripped from some magazines, the background was raw umber paint smeared over the gesso and rubbed back. Some sky blue was painted over part of the page and then some of my holiday photos collaged on. I’m still experimenting with my writing style, trying out different things. I tried to do a sort of curly flourishy font here, with limited success. I feel a bit dissatisfied with my own writing, everything I write in my journal looks like I’ve written it (which of course I have) but somehow I want it to look different, more interesting, more artistic.

Anyway, back to Beynac. This was such a beautiful place especially the view from a grassy terrace where other castles could be seen all down the river on both sides. We both felt very happy and I could almost imagine that perhaps we had had a past life there together. Who knows?!