Artist Study Journal 2

Run with WovesAnother page in my” Inspired by Brett Whiteley” journal for the online course with Kelly Kilmer. For this page I started with Whiteley’s painting of Patrick White sitting in his office or studio.  My idea was to cut out Patrick White, replace him with the woman and stick him on the right hand side of the page separately. He looked a bit grumpy though so in the end I didn’t use him. I had some images from a Womankind magazine article about Women who run with the Wolves, one of my favourite books, and one I draw on quite a lot for stories and quotes in my Heroine’s journey course. After I stuck  down the image with the wolves the meaning of the page started to become apparent, ie am I a bit of a fraud quoting from this book when I am not particularly “wild” and spend a lot of time in my studio, not out on the wild!?

I extended the image of the painting of the studio with ultramarine paint mixed with white and on the other page I mixed Ultramarine with yellow,  yellow ochre and a smidgen of burnt sienna to get various shades of browns and greens, soft foresty colours like the ones in the lovely woman with wolves painting (which was painted by Catrin Welz-Stein). Then I used a new stencil from Stencil Girl, (that i was dying to use) of the branches. The right page was looking very mystic forest but the left page was too blue and stark white so i washed over the studio and the woman’s outfit with transparent yellow ochre paint to tie it in with the right hand page. A wolf and a bird found their way on to the page and they both had something to say to me! I added a Whiteley style swirl (in Olive green posca pen) and some writing and the page was finished pretty fast. You can probably read the writing if you click on the images to enlarge them. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Run with 1Run with 2






I will also include here the Whiteley portrait of Patrick White. You can see I used the background.

Patrick White