Art Journal Cover

Heroines Journal coverMy Heroine’s Journey art journal is finally¬† finished! I wanted a fittingly gorgeous cover for it (I always wait until a journal is completely finished before I do the cover) and I came across this idea of using aluminium duct tape. I watched a couple of Youtube videos to see what to do.

Heroines Journal back coverThis is the front cover and the back cover, finished.



First I chose some stencils and applied Light Molding Paste (Golden brand) through the stencils. I let it dry overnight before applying the duct tape. Be careful what sort of duct tape you buy. I wasted $16 on a roll from Bunnings which turned out to be no use, it would not mold itself. You need the one with a paper backing that you peel off. I found it at FDBs. (Fair Dinkum Bargains) for only $5. As I had seen on Youtube, I cut the tape into pieces about 8cms to 10cms long and applied them overlapping, over the molding paste patterns. tapeCover 1

back cover 1toolsI embossed the tape onto the patterns, first I used a white coloured pencil and a blending stub which worked ok. Then I borrowed some embossing tools from a friend and that worked even better.

When I had covered and embossed both back and front covers (time consuming!! but meditative) I painted over it all with black paint, then rubbed most of it off again while it was still wet. Some black paint still hangs around especially in the creases which gives it an aged pewter look. I love it.

Here you can see the stencilled molding paste, before I applied the silver duct tape.