My year in Pictures July to September

My year in pictures continued: JULY

My walking companion on many an afternoon this autumn/winter and spring has been Astaria, who as you can see likes to dress unconventionally on our walks. We usually walk about 4 or 4.30pm in the wintertime, taking in some of the taxing hills of Ocean Shores and working up an appetitie for dinner!

A winter wedding at The Fig Tree in Byron Bay. The bride is the lovely daughter of a friend who sang in one of my choirs.



African LEAF is a charity that supports some orphans in Kenya. We had a trivia night as a fundraiser (and made 2 and a half thousand!)and I made up all the questions for the night. I also was a marker, along with my besties Rachel and Jana. It takes me about a month to make up all the questions and I get obsessed and don’t think about much else during that time!There’s quite an art to making up questions that are interesting and fun.

AUGUST  Our wedding anniversary is August 1st so we always go out to dinner. This time we went to Muoi’s Feast in Byron.



We had another non-simultaneous house swap with some people from Ireland for a week. We are going to stay in their holiday house in Dingle next July. So we had to clear out of our house and headed North to Rainbow Beach, north of Noosa for a few nights. There are beautiful cliffs of coloured sands there and it was noticeably warmer. We even had a swim.

Meeting some more BFF’s for lunch at The Yum Yum Tree cafe in New Brighton, in this case, Ruth and my sister Kathryn. Yum!



The Songbirds put on a clothes Swishing party (to swap clothes) to raise some money towards our CD. We had a really fun time, although not many people came so we didn’t make any money!



I decided to go along to a Mixed Media class with Turiya Bruce (pictured here) who is an excellent teacher with lots of great ideas. I still feel insecure about doing art work on a canvas but I started a few pieces with her. She won’t be teaching in this area for a while now, but I hope I finish the pieces I’ve started.

We bought a 2 seater kayak a while ago but haven’t used it much. This particular Sunday we agreed to go out on the Brunswick river with our friends Susan and John (instead of going to Sanctuary) and we had a glorious couple of hours rowing up the river.


Another couple I married down at Broken Head. I had known the bride for years, taught her and her sister at school and they both babysat my children, so it was really special to do her wedding.

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