2012 in photos Part Two

A continuation of my year in pictures: MAY
Breakfast with Jana at her place after a walk…..a treasured friend!






May is the best month for gorgeous sunsets, like this one just down the road at New Brighton beach.



Carmelle’s fairy themed birthday party. There was a performance of fairy poetry with harp and flute. We 3 Songbirds sang a parody of one of our songs to Carmelle as a surprise.






In May we had a visit from Gerrit’s youngest son who now lives in Melbourne, so we took him on our favourite lighthouse walk.


My lovely book club at our June meeting… I think we were discussing “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” and pretending to be French.



Louise and I on the “Slutwalk” in Byron Bay, walking against violence to women.




Walking the lighthouse track on a Saturday morning followed by brunch at a Byron Cafe has become a regular thing for us. You can see here the weather is still warm even though it is June.



I organised a choir concert on the last weekend in June. Here is my choir Choral Sea assembled before we went on stage.


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