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We leave Brittany tomorrow and I still have one more double page to complete for this section, but I wanted to post the pages I have done before we leave. I glued this map of Brittany in before I left Australia. I added an old postcard and a photo of us on our first day in Rennes (which is where we have our house exchange for 11 days)

I decided to an atmospheric page about the Foret de Paimpont also known as Broceliande. I bought a small booklet and used a couple of images from it. It felt right to turn the page sideways for the writing. Broceliande is supposedly where the King Arthur legends happened and where Merlin lived, according to the french version of the stories. This page looks unimpressive here in small size, but I really like the way it turned out in real life!

We have loved seeing all the ancient castles and old medieval buildings in Brittany. This is a page about that.  I’ve included some images from tourist pamphlets and a few photos we took. There were many more pics of castles and old buildings I could have used, but these honour 2 towns we loved, Dinan and Vitre.

I had to dedicate a page to the french food which is one of the main attractions (along with the old towns and history) for us to being in France. I did a rave about an amazing restaurant we went to here, and went into detail about what I ordered. It will be a nice reminder. The whole journal of course will be a great way to remember the holiday.

Tomorrow we are off to Paris for 3 nights where we will stay in an Air BnB apartment with my son, his girlfriend, my daughter and my niece and nephew. What fun!

Blessings to all in blogland.


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