The Heroine’s Journey

I have developed a course for women called The Heroine’s Journey, in which we reflect on our lives using Joseph Campbell’s stages of the Hero’s Journey as a starting point. The course involves looking at myths and fairy tales, some writing and art journaling. Using collage, acrylic paints, stenciling and other mixed media techniques, we will create an art journal to celebrate your heroine’s journey. You do not need any skills or experience in art or drawing, this is a course anyone can do.

The Heroine’s Journey is run fortnightly in Brunswick heads, NSW, over seven 4 hour sessions 10am -2pm. The next one will start on Wednesday April 26th.  The course costs $280  or $260 early bird (if deposit of $60 is paid by March 24th) .

I also occasionally run a  (more condensed) version as a 2 day weekend course. The next one will be 29th and 30th April 2017 in Brunswick heads and costs $230 or $195 early bird (enrol by March 31st) .  Or you can book me to do a weekend workshop closer to you if you have some interested friends..

I also run monthly 4 hour “Art and Soul Journaling” classes in Brunswick Heads on a Tuesday for those who have completed The Heroine’s Journey course. In 2017 I also intend to run the occasional  Art and Soul  journaling class on a Saturday, which would be open to anyone. In these classes we start with an inspiring story or some quotes and readings on a theme, followed by  some reflective writing and sharing of our thoughts and feelings on the topic. Then we move to our art journals, often trying out a new skill, technique or colour idea and usually incorporating some collage, to create a soul satisfying page.suzanne


An end of year gathering of Heroine’s Journey graduates!


Some testimonials:

The Heroine’s journey course gave great pleasure to a group of women who did not all know each other at the beginning but were a  cohesive group by the end . Alison is warm, inspiring, wise, creative and very encouraging, especially to people like me for whom artistic things do not come naturally. Professor Colleen Cartwright, PhD


Alison guides us so beautifully in this journey of self discovery and the skills learnt can apply in so many domains. Highly recommended. Elana Deveaux, M.A. (Social Ecology)

“I’m so excited that after years of having small children I’m finally in a place where I can make space again to be creative in a low-pressure totally relaxed and fun environment.  Alison has amazing skills, she holds the space beautifully for us women to explore, and brings in loads of inspiring art journal techniques, but ultimately it is totally up to us to experiment and see what comes forth. Fantastic, fun, free and flowing!! I really recommend this workshop. ” Caroline Cowley


4 hours lost in creativity and exploration. What a joy this is!! I love the way Alison teaches…..straight forward and helpful with loads of personal attention and helpful ideas, supporting everyone to find their own unique process. There is no right or wrong. I love that. She also provides us with many techniques and art supplies and books to help us discover our own personal form of expression. The Heroine’s journey offers us the amazing gift of self discovery through creativity. Thank you         Alandra McLaren


…I am awestruck and inspired at the beauty and wisdom that has unfolded from the first page we created at our art journalling course. This will be and already is a deeply moving journey into our magical self skillfully and lovingly guided by Alison.   Anna Parker








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